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transmissions on the teen-c tip

the distaste of adulthood
signs of teenage rebellion

a brief history of the teen-c tip

you can tell merely at a glance those on the so-called "teen-c tip!" They are the teenagers on the brink of adulthood who refuse to embrace the enforced tedium that working life brings. The characteristics of those "on the teen-c tip!" are typical of classic teenage rebellion, but with a bizarre childish edge. For example, the teen-c's form a collective which meets weekly, similar to the gang mentality which prevailed in the 50s and 60s, but instead of taking their anger out onto the streets, the teen-c's play their favourite records and devise plans to bring down adulthood.

.....the main force are a band who call themselves "bis". They have displayed a distaste of adulthood by performing regularly at teen-c gatherings and producing their own "baby-zines" in an attempt to alienate their potential adult clips, baby trainers and an emphasis on all things "cute".